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The unusual and gorgeous Patek Philippe 5170P Chronograph

The Patek Philippe 5170P Chronograph was launched in 2017 with a gorgeous dark blue dial. As it is the last evolution of this chronograph, I’ll focus on what makes it stand out from the 5170 family, or even the Patek catalogue as a whole. Hence, let’s handle this “unusual classic” model for the brand.

To start with, I think it is interesting to notice that its distinctive feature, i.e. its diamond-markers-decorated dial, has been very much appreciated by a wide array of customers and collectors as time went by. Together with the 5396R blue dial unveiled in 2017 as well, this is a second example of such offer in the recent main line-up (thus, not as a side derivative), after the Nautilus 5711P and 5976G Patek Philippe has offered for the Nautilus 40th anniversary (2016). Following the latest White Gold (black dial) and Rose Gold (black and silver dials) simpler versions (both without Tachymetre, Pulsometre or Telemetre scales), the 5170 reference is back in a more technical layout w…

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